Hand Nailed Roofs – The Gold Standard

Roofing nails are durable and hold shingles in place for decades through winds and storms. Hand nailing is the industry gold standard for securing roofing shingles and meets nearly all building codes. Here’s what to know about the advantages of a hand nailed roof.

Strong holding power

Nails are the gold standard for roofing and hold up for decades.

Easier to install correctly

Hand nailing ensures nails go in straight and to the right depth. Even using a nail gun its easy to not hold it perfectly perpendicularly causing the nail to not be as strong.

Meets building codes

Galvanized, coated, or stainless steel nails meet building codes in almost all areas.

Nails Are Better Than Staples

The cost difference between staples and nails is negligible and often measured in fractions of a cent. Staples are more likely to become rip out in high winds or to come loose with the expansion and contraction of your roof on hot days and cold nights. Using nails on your roof requires less maintenance, has a more secure hold, and are less likely to be damaged in a storm.