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Prevent The Need For A Replacement Roof

You have a car. You rely on it to perform every day. You take it to a local car repair shop for maintenance. You give it oil. You check the tires. You do everything you can to make sure your car lasts for as long as possible. Shouldn’t you do the same for your roof? It’s doing just as much for you every day. Pro Roofing Group, Inc. offers routine roof tuneups for residential and commercial customers in the Triad and Boone areas of North Carolina. Starting in Trinity, our roofers offer top-of-the-line service for the top of your building. Schedule a time for your first service today.


Pro Roofing Group offers full roof maintenance packages for an average rate of $350. Our comprehensive roof maintenance package includes:

  • Pipe flashing replacement
  • General roof inspection
  • Chimney re-caulking

Your roof might not need to be replaced. All it needs is a little TLC. For routine roof maintenance in the Trinity, NC and Boone, NC areas, call on Pro Roofing Group. Schedule a time for your first tuneup today at (336) 905-9181 for the Trinity area.

3 Signs Your Roof Might Need To Be Replaced

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